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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Surf: Peru crowned best in the World -

Surf: Peru crowned best in the World - Away from Rio, Peru achieved a new sporting victory asserting its position as a surfing powerhouse. The national team won the *ISA Surfing Championship* held in Costa Rica. “Rio:2016 Gladys Tejeda the best in Latin America”:  With the runner-up of Lucca Messina in the male opens, *Peru scored enough points to overtake France and Costa→

Did Surfing Originate in Peru? - Peru’s 5-time surfing champion Robert Meza and his team have dedicated 20 years of research to this exciting hypothesis. One of Peru’s most renowned surfers Robert Meza is not content with just being a 5-time national champion of Peru.  He wants to show the world that surfing has profound roots in Peruvian culture. The popularized story→

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